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After discovering electronic music through the rave scene as a teenager in the mid 90s, Daniel began to work for the Partysan Austria, which was the only electronic Music Magazin at that time. It dont took long, he began to buy vinyl as a way of listening to the music he was into at that time. Growing up in a small town in Lower Austria, and with no one to look to, for advice, Daniel bought his first decks 

and taught himself how to mix.
A few months later he moved to Vienna. Where he discovered a whole new world of record shops and clubs, which lead to him developing his own style of underground house music.
As his first life transition he was invited to the Premiere of the Red Bull Music Academy, where he got all the background informations, a Dj has to have, as well he found some new friends helping him up.
The next transition and probably one of the most important changes to his life was when he decided in the summer of 2000 not to just go on holiday to Spain, but to go and spend the season working and living there. Of course like every other aspiring young DJ Daniel travelled over there with his box of records and it wasn’t long before his talent was recognised, and Danis was almost instantly spinning records, at some of the islands best bars, such as Zorbas, ChaCha and finaly the famous Pacha.
Coming back home, Daniel gaining popularity and experience playing all over Austria, Germany and eastern Europe..
After a few months Dani was offered to work for the Bookingagency Syndicate, and the places he played went bigger and bigger. took not long to play at events like Loveparade, Fever or Festivals like NUKE! or Pressure.

Describing his style as house in all colours, isnt really showing you the spectrum Daniel is going for. ;) 


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